Passes and Admissions

Skating, swimming, indoor cycling, weight room, pottery and more. Come on a drop-in basis or choose a pass that suits your schedule and get a discounted rate. We have monthly payment plans available for some passes.

Newcomer Tours and Pass
Are you new in West Vancouver? Join us for a tour of our recreation facilities!

Register for Newcomer Tour

Newcomer Tour participants will receive a Newcomer Pass as part of their Welcome Package. For details email Minori at [email protected].

Drop-in admission rates (Weight rooms, Group Fitness, Pool access)

Children under 3 years Free
Children 3 – 12 years $3.95
Youth 13 – 18 years $5
Adult 19 – 64 years $7.15
Student*/Senior 65 yrs+ $6.05
Senior 75 yrs+ $5.70
Family** $11.85

* Student Rate is available to full time students with a current student card.

** The family rate refers to one or two adults of the same household and their children or youth up to 18 years of age, up to a maximum of three people. Each additional child or youth pays the single child rate.

10-visit FitPass—purchase a minimum of 10 admissions for a discounted rate (Weight Rooms, Group Fitness and Pool access)

The 10-visit FitPass is valid for two years and gives pass-holders 10 discounted admissions to the Aquatic Centre, health and fitness facilities at both the West Vancouver Community Centre and Gleneagles Community Centre, group fitness classes and skating at the Ice Arena.

Children** 3 – 12 years $35.55
Youth 13 – 18 years $45
Adult 19 – 64 years $64.35
Student*/Senior 65 yrs+ $54.45
Senior 75 yrs+ $51.30

* Student Rate is available to full-time students with a current student card and must be purchased in person.

** Wet & Wild (Child) passes are valid for family/public swimming at the Ice Arena.

FitPass - Try-It, One month, Three month or Annual (weight rooms, group fitness and pool access)

The FitPass is the most popular option with West Vancouver Community Services, as it provides you with access to the Aquatic Centre, Ice Arena, and Health & Fitness facilities at both the West Vancouver Community Centre and Gleneagles Community Centre.

  Try-It*** One month Three month Annual
Child** N/A $48.50** $97.50** $266.75**
Youth $36.50 $56.25 $113.50 $311
Adult $52 $80.25 $162.25 $444.75
Student*/Senior $44.25 $68.25 $137.75 $378
Senior 75 yrs+ $41.75 $64.50 $129.75 $355

* Student Rate is available to full time students with a current student card and must be purchased in person.

** Wet & Wild (Child) Passes are valid for family/public swimming at the Aquatic Centre and public skating at the Ice Arena.

*** Try-It (one month) may only be purchased once and is for new members only.

CycleFIT Fees - drop-in

CycleFIT Drop-in Information

  • Full session registration is available up to 1 week prior to session start date
  • Adult 60 min $10 pre-registration 
  • Adult 75 min $12 pre-registration 
  • 2-week Try-it $22 (one-time only)
  • Community Cycle $6
  • Pre-registration for single classes is available in person or online at activewestvanrec.ca and closes 3 hours prior to the start of the class. (Community Cycle opens 24 hours prior to the class).
  • Please visit https://recschedules.westvancouverrec.ca/schedules/wvcc/cyclefit for the most up-to-date schedule and information
  • Drop-in spots are available for purchase based on availability.
  • No refunds will be given less than 24 hours before the class.



604-921-2112 Gleneagles 

604-925-7213 Aquatic Centre

Gleneagles Weight Room Only Pass - a close-to-home option for western residents

  Drop-in 1 month 3 month Annual
Youth $5 $52.75 $106.55 $268.90
Adult $7.15 $75.25 $152.25 $384.05
Student*/Senior $6.05 $63.90 $129.55 $326.60
Super Senior (75 yrs+) $5.70 $60.10 $121.80 $307.30

*A student rate is available to full-time students with a current student card and must be purchased in person.

Pottery Pass for Gleneagles

Gleneagles Pottery Studio offers intermediate and experienced adult potters the opportunity to use the facility in a relaxing, non-instructional setting. Passes are available to adults who have completed a beginner’s pottery program or have previous experience (firing fees are additional).

Studio Fees    
10 visits $135 for those registered in current term
3 hours $15 for registered participants
10 visits $171 for those not currently registered
3 hours $19 for non-registered participants


1 month $72
3 month $156
Annual $490


West Vancouver Community Centres Society Membership

The West Vancouver Community Centres Society (WVCCS) is a not-for-profit society governed by community members. The society provides oversight and management to the Ice Arena, Aquatic Centre and West Vancouver Community Centre through a Joint Operating Agreement with the District of West Vancouver. The minimal administrative costs of the Society support our ability to communicate with our members and the public, raise funds for other needed projects and equipment, and establish new programs and events.

WVCCS membership is required in order to register for any Ice Arena, Aquatic or Community Centre program, or to purchase a one-month, three-month, annual FitPass or a four-month Summer Student FitPass.

The cost of a one year membership is $6 per individual or $10 per family. Family membership is for one or two adults of the same household and their children or youth up to 18 years of age. Individual membership is required for any person 14 years or older who does not fall under a family membership.

West Vancouver Community Centres Society

Seniors' Activity Centre Membership

Many of the programs offered at the Seniors' Centre either require a membership, or offer discounted rates with a valid membership.

$38 per year, per person

Benefits of Membership
Your membership entitles you to:

  • 30% discount at the Garden Café
  • Reduced programs fees at the Seniors' Activity Centre
  • Amazing opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones!
  • Opportunities to connect to your community through volunteering


Visit the Seniors' Activity Centre to get your membership, or do it online, and start experiencing the benefits today!

Ice Arena

Public Skate Admission Rates

  Drop-in 10 visits
Child (3 – 12 yrs) $3.20 $28.80
Youth (13 – 18 yrs) $3.75 $33.75
Adult (19 – 64 yrs) $5.30 $47.70
Senior (65 – 74 yrs) $4.50 $40.50
Super Senior (75 yrs +) $4.25 $38.25
Family* $9.60 N/A

Preschool children under the age of 3 are free!

* Family: 1–2 adults and 1–2 children; max 3 people. Additional children pay regular individual rates.

Additional Program Rates

Program Drop-in 10 visits
Noon Hour Hockey Adult $7.65 $68.85
Stick & Puck $6 $54
Skills & Drills $12.75 $112.70
Intro to Adult Hockey $12.75 $112.70
Intro to Preschool Hockey $14 N/A
Private Lesson (30 minutes) $35 N/A
Semi-Private Lesson (30 minutes) $46
(for up to 3 people)


Rental Individual Book of 10
Skate Rental $3 $27
(10 rentals)
Skate Sharpening* $8.75 N/A

* Skate Sharpening is a pick-up/drop-off service. Sharpening is done out-of-house by Ultimate Edge, not on site. This is a 3 – 4 day turnaround for skates to be ready depending on when they are dropped off.

Leisure Access Card

The Leisure Access Card is available for individuals who require extra support (assistance of a physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual or sensory nature) in order to participate in recreation programs. The card provides free access for the individual who is providing support. It also provides the opportunity to meet with a staff member to discuss any adaptations or ideas you may have improve your experience in our facilities and programs. Applications are available at any recreation facility front desk or online. Leisure Access Card Application If you/your child are participating in any program or lesson and are unable to fulfil the typical requirements and require an adapted plan, please contact the Access Coordinator to set up a planning meeting. We will work with you to create an individualized plan that will help you/your child improve your/his/her skills in a way that will increase your/his/her confidence, sense of accomplishment and quality of the recreation experience.


  Drop-in Admission 2 week Try-It* 10 visit Community Yoga
Youth (16 yrs+) $9.75 $22 $87 $5
Adult (19 – 64 yrs) $13.75 $22 $125 $5
Senior (65 – 74 yrs) $12.25 $22 $105 $5
Super Senior 
(75 yrs +)
$11.25 $22 $100 $5

*Available one time only.

For our Yoga drop-in programs visit the Recreation Schedules website.

Yoga Drop-in Schedule

Jingle Pass

‘Tis the season to try something new, and share it too!

For a limited time, buy a 2-week Jingle Pass for yourself and/or as a gift for someone else for $22!

This pass must be activated December 1, 2019 - January 15, 2020.

The pass offers unlimited access to Drop-in Group Fitness classes, Public Skating and unlimited Weight Room, Sauna, Steam Room and Pool access.

Buy your pass starting on December 1 at the West Vancouver or Gleneagles Community Centre front desk.

Winter Break PlayPass

Keep the kids active, smiling and engaged as they splash, glide bounce and play their Winter Break away with westvanrec’s PlayPass! Buy your PlayPass starting on December 1!

Your $16 PlayPass is valid at the West Van Community Centre, Aquatic Centre and Ice Arena and includes unlimited access to Public Swim, Public Skating, Jump & Play and Gymnastics Drop-in from December 20, 2019 – January 5, 2020. Children must be 3–12 years old to be eligible.

Visit westvancouverrec.ca/recschedules for drop-in times. Stop by the front desk for details!

What's included?

Here’s a birds-eye view of the activities and programs included in your FitPass and Drop-in admission:

  • Aquafit classes
    (rehab not included)
  • Public Swim and Family Swim
  • Specialty Swims
  • Public Skate (seasonal)
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Community Yoga classes
  • Community CycleFIT classes
  • Weight Room Access
  • Weight Room Orientation
  • Pass-holder special events and workshops

A WVCCS membership is required for a one month, three month, and annual FitPass.

For more info please review our Membership Options brochure.