Newcomer Tours

Are you new in West Vancouver? Welcome!

Whether you are from elsewhere in Canada or new to the country, the West Vancouver Community Centre offers a number of services to help newcomers feel welcome and connected to your new community.

Our monthly Welcome Tour provides an opportunity for newcomers to get familiar with the facilities, learn about offered programs for all ages, how to navigate the Leisure Guide, how to register, differences between registered programs, drop-in activities and FitPass options, and how to find current schedules online.

The tour participants will receive Newcomer Pass at the end of the tour. The Newcomer Pass gives 4 complimentary admissions to many drop-in fitness programs.

We often have Farsi and Mandarin speaking tour buddies to join the tour. If there is a need for support in another language or require assistance with registration, please contact Minori: [email protected]

To register for the next tour, search “welcome tour” in ActiveNet

Learn Together 

Are you a newcomer learning English as your second language? If you need some help with following instructions in our registered fitness and art classes—we are here to help!

After you register for a program, contact Minori at [email protected] with your program information and your first language, and you will be teamed up with a learning buddy who speaks your language to help you in the class. This initiative is available for all the registered classes and private training and lessons, except for swimming lessons and drop-in activities.

Funded by Enhance West Van

Socially Active– Building Connections in West Vancouver

West Vancouver is a growing community with a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, abilities and identities.

Socially Active is a new program designed to connect newcomers with long-term West Vancouver residents. Participants will be match based on personality type and interests, and will connect with each other for 1.5 – 2 hours per week over a six-month period, in addition to receiving invitations to events, workshops and programs (i.e. cooking classes, fitness and art classes, etc.) they can participate in together, meet others, learn and explore the community.

If you are a newcomer, please register for this program using activity code #69391 and we will contact you for an interview.

If would like to participate as a mentor/long-term resident you will need to register as  volunteer with the District of West Vancouver. To apply for this program please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected]. All mentor applicants will be invited to an orientation.

Any questions for the above initiatives? Contact Minori at [email protected] or 604-921-3403.

Funded by Enhance West Van